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Lee Rankin joins Kim to talk about systems in your business and how it helps your company to grow faster and stronger.

Lee Rankin is a successful farm business owner, team leader, farm consultant, and author committed to helping people connect to one another and to what’s real in their lives. 

In 2001, Lee took a leap of faith and started her life over in the mountains of North Carolina, alone with a 2-year-old son, Will. Her dream was to start an alpaca farm and create a safe place to raise a boy. Eighteen years later, Apple Hill Farm is home to 9 kinds of animals: alpacas, llamas, horses, donkeys, angora goats, Great Pyrenees, chickens, potbellied pigs and Zebus. Each animal has a purpose and a name.  Together with their human team, they create a magical place filled with memorable stories and heart-warming moments.

Apple Hill Farm is a thriving, award-winning agri-tourism business that offers educational guided tours and the largest selection of yarn and products made from alpacas in the High Country of North Carolina.

Author of Cooking Up a Storm, Lee is at work on her first memoir and uses the farm and her passion for fiber arts to keep her balanced.


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Lee’s Cookbook. Cookin’ Up A Storm – The Life and Recipes of Annie Johnson 2nd Edition by Jane Lee Rankin