Claudia shares her story of going from a burnout full-time mom, caregiver, driver and counsellor of an extremely autistic teenager to an unstoppable Mom who does all those things and is an entrepreneur and marathon runner on top of that.

Kim shares wonderful training that Krystle did on using LinkedIn at her Online Network & Learn Summit in May.

Welcome to the Writer’s Workshop. Every month Co-Host Juanita Wootton-Radko shares on tools and tips to make your content excellent. In this episode, she talks about the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word and how it makes the editing process faster.

Brian Sexton, the host of The Intentional Encourager podcast, joins Kim on this episode to talk about how to make strong connections because #PeopleBuyFromPeople.

Kim takes time to thank some very special men who have shaped who she is as a person and encouraged her to live her dreams.