What One Thing?

What One Thing?

Every year, I start out with this humongous goal for my business and all the things that I am going to accomplish. By January 10th, I have already given up on most of them. Why? I never create a doable game plan that I can accomplish every day.

I was talking to a good friend of mine Carol Boston, the Queen of Reframe in December and she reminded me of one of her Empowering Questions, What one thing can I do each day? It got me thinking about my business. Maybe I needed to start thinking smaller instead of larger.

Instead of trying to reach big, unattainable goals, maybe it was time to do the simple things, things I could easily put into my morning schedule and get done before the day got busy. By the end of the year, I will have over 300 targeted actions (taking the weekends off) and with that much consistency, momentum will take over and there will be an explosion in my business.

What is one thing that you can do every day to move your business forward? I did an episode of the Author To Authority podcast recently just on this topic. I talk more about it and give practical examples of simple actions you can do in the 6 Key Building Blocks to building your business and becoming an Authority: Marketing, Sales, Your Network, Written & Vocal Communication, Social Media, and Promotion.

You can check out the episode here: www.AuthorToAuthority.com/podcast/ep149

I would love to hear what one thing you are going to do each day to move your business forward?