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Let’s Unleash the Inner Author in You!

Are you ready to write your signature book that positions you as the go to AUTHORITY?

Are you struggling to find clients who will pay for your services?

Do you want potential clients coming to you instead of you trying to find them?

Do you want to build a following the easy way?

Are you tired of being ignored while others have business flooding them?

Have you thought about writing a book but don't know where to start?

Do you want to become clear on who your perfect client is and what message will reach them?

Are you struggling to create content that connects?

Are you ready to double or triple your business in the next year?

This Course is for Professionals Who Are:


Who want to sell big ticket services or products.


Looking for clients that resonate with you.


Who are ready to be seen as THE AUTHORITY in their niche.


Who want to share their message and sell from stages.


Want to create online courses and sell them easily.


Want to be able to create leads for their business online and offline.


Ready to be seen by the world.

This is the Perfect Course for You!

Here is what you will learn:


Who your perfect reader avatar is and the message that will connect them.


How to create the online version of your book so you can write it easily in 90 days.


How to write your story in such a way that the reader wants to work with you.


How to write chapters that solve the reader's biggest problems and positions you as the authority.


A FREE tool that will make editing your book easy.


How to format your Kindle book while you write and then turn it into a print book.


How to create an eye-catching book cover and what you need to include in it.


How to publish your book to Amazon and write a description that compels the reader to buy your book!

Online Network & Learn Course

Everything You Will Receive:

Over 20 detailed videos that show you how to write and publish your book.

Reuseable workbook to apply what you have learned.

Optional monthly group Zoom calls for Q&A plus additional training.

Secret Facebook group to get support and celebrate success.

2 hours of time with Kim to ask any questions.

Bonus: Get 4 tickets to Kim's new online network event - $80 value.

Bonus Training: How to use your book to build your business - $97 value.

How To Write Your Signature Book In 90 Days Online

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$197 CAD + Tax
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Kim Thompson-Pinder

Kim Thompson-Pinder

The Extraordinary Word Ninja and Chief Visionary Officer, RTI Publishing

About Kim

Have you ever looked at a blank computer screen in frustration because the words will not come because you are afraid it won’t sound right? Or worse, that it will not be received well?

Kim spent many years feeling that way after a teacher told Kim that she was, “No good at writing and should stop.” Discouraged, Kim put writing aside. Then, she came to a crossroads in her life and let those hurtful words go. She set her words free and let her voice sound out once more.

Since then, Kim has gone on to author five books (with more on the way this year), two planners and even a collection of Sudoku books. Plus she is the host of the Author To Authority podcast. Most importantly, Kim started RTI Publishing and has helped over one hundred entrepreneurs to become authors and taught them how to use their books to become authorities in their niche and open doors to build their business faster.

Kim understands the power of words and can’t wait to share them with you in her course.