We live in difficult times, especially for entrepreneurs. Carol Boston wants to change that. She trains us on how to ask empowering questions that that turn failure into a growing business. Carol Boston, a certified coach and CEO, founded CB Accelerators after a long, successful career as a sales executive for Fortune 500 companies. After leading in every area of her professional & academic lives: successful sales executive, professional tennis coach, ranked tennis player and team captain (top 10 record holder at LSU); National Honor Society graduate in college, high school & junior high school (Dean’s List many times) AND among 1% who graduate Ultimate Leadership Camp (a nationally recognized program), Carol recognized imbalances in her life and the lives of many other successful women leaders around her. Carol transitioned her love of mentoring, serving others and team building to founding a unique coaching practice that sometimes combines coaching with her life-long expertise in business, fitness and “fine/fit” cooking. Her methodology as a laser coach gets to the root core of the foundational lie and daily challenges her clients face. This methodology provides a quick uncovering of the core issue and starts you on the path for accelerated results. Simply put – YOU, first!


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