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About the Author to Authority Podcast

Are you an entrepreneur, professional or coach who is looking for ways to grow business faster and stronger? Welcome to the Author To Authority Podcast.

This is the place to learn about Authority Marketing and how to use it to build your business by attracting potential clients to you. Each week you will learn about sales, marketing, networking, authorship, content writing, social media, leadership, entrepreneurship and becoming irresistible to prospects and leads.

Meet Your Hosts

Kim Thompson-Pinder

Kim Thompson-Pinder

The Extraordinary Word Ninja and Chief Visionary Officer, RTI Publishing

Have you ever looked at a blank computer screen in frustration because the words will not come because you are afraid it won’t sound right? Or worse, that it will not be received well? Kim spent many years feeling that way after a teacher told Kim that she was, “No good at writing and should stop.” Discouraged, Kim put writing aside. Then, she came to a crossroads in her life and let those hurtful words go. She set her words free and let her voice sound out once more. Since then, Kim has gone on to author five books (with more on the way this year), two planners and even a collection of Sudoku books. Plus she is the host of the Author To Authority podcast. Most importantly, Kim started RTI Publishing and has helped over one hundred entrepreneurs to become authors and taught them how to use their books to become authorities in their niche and open doors to build their business faster. Kim understands the power of words and can’t wait to share them with you on this podcast.
Juanita Wootton Radko

Juanita Wootton Radko

The Grammar Guru and Book Project Manager of RTI Publishing

Juanita Wootton-Radko is an enthusiastic reader, writer, and collector of books. When not at the library, she can often be found lurking about “used book” stores. Her lifelong passion for words has led to an equal passion for the structure of language and the grammatical tools we use to communicate. Juanita works at RTI Publishing as the Book Project Manager and resident “Grammar Guru.” She is the recurring co-host on the Author to Authority Podcast with Kim Thompson-Pinder and hosts the Writer’s Workshop episodes.

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