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Jan joins Kim for the launch of her book Scale For Success. In this episode, she talks about the book but also shares amazing advice on how to scale your business and the foundations for the success that must be laid.

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I want to help people scale businesses, by getting them on the right track. I share what experts tell me and my own successes and plentiful mistakes so you can avoid them. I love to write and speak about all things entrepreneur related.

I passionately believe that a healthy economy lies in nurturing and encouraging microbiz and SME businesses. Now more than ever, we need both solid start-ups and savvy scale-ups.

I have been involved in many campaigns of different sorts to encourage entrepreneurs
throughout my working life both in the UK and in Europe generally.

I have several decades of experience of both micro and SME’s of my own. I have known some success, shiny awards, and some failure too. All of which added up to huge amounts of learning.

I am now lucky enough to now be living my childhood dream of writing full time. I write about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and hope that this too is useful, entertaining, and supportive. The entrepreneurs I speak to leave me in regular awe.

You can see more on my own web site, plus Medium and various other publications. I also guest podcast and do other speaking, though virtually in current times.