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Tracy joins Kim and shares some of her incredible story including surviving third degree burns. She also talks about some secret, expert tips on how to make your LinkedInProfile sell you.

Tracy Enos is an endorsed top LinkedIn Advisor and single Mom of 4. In July of 2015, she sustained 3rd-degree burns, a 6-day stint in the burn unit, and 5 surgeries in 9 months. She wrote her first article the following October. It was featured in LinkedIn Pulse and generated five-figures in just two hours of work. With over 21 years of skilled experience, Tracy serves a wide variety of clients, including entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized companies, start-up ventures, and business professionals. A seasoned business coach and best-selling author, Tracy drives core business processes for the clients she serves, including LinkedIn Training, Profile Makeovers, and Consulting. In the last 9 years, Tracy has consulted thousands of business owners, SaaS companies, coaches, authors, service professionals, sales and marketing teams, and entrepreneurs on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads, become the authority in their industry and stay front-of-mind with their clients. She is known globally for her LinkedIn knowledge and training with clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Holland, Israel, Germany, and the U.K. Her consulting expertise has netted her clients speaking engagements, media attention, guest articles in major publications and trade magazines, and millions of dollars in new business.