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Rosie joins Kim to not only share her powerful story and her book Ñeque- The Spirit of a Resilient Mindset but also very practical suggestions on how to Pivot Your Business in 2021 with her ACDC method.

Rosie Paulsen, who has been honored as one of the Fifty Most Influential Hispanic Business Leaders in Florida, is a native of Ecuador who came to the United States as a teenager. A public speaker and business trailblazer, Rosie owns Rosie Paulsen Enterprises and S&R Services, a company that brokers Medicare coverage for people all over Tampa Bay. She has received a Leadership Award from the Tampa Bay Hispanic Heritage and is an alumnus of Smart Start Pasco and Inner-City Capital Connection. Rosie currently serves as a commissioner of The Florida Commission on the Status of Women and City of Tampa Equal Business Opportunity Council. She lives in Tampa with her husband and children.

Title: Ñeque- The Spirit of a Resilient Mindset
The People who become happy success stories have one discipline in common – ñeque, an indefatigable inner grit and resilience. Ecuadorian native Rosie Paulsen came to the United States when she was in her late teens and worked hard to become successful in multiple arenas. The lessons she learned are the basis of Ñeque: The Spirit of a Resilient Mindset, her inspiring book which can help you find your purpose and turn it into a vocation.
Rosie has used these four components – Purpose, Persistence, Perseverance and Pivot – to build two happy successful businesses, all while juggling here dream career with having a family and a life. She starts with a positive mindset, and an ongoing commitment to learning, growing, and improving. Her book offers support, advice, and actionable tips for finding – and living – your best business and life. If you want to be the next happy success story, find your Ñeque today!