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Shari Lueck joins Kim on this special day – the launch of her new book My Skeletons Have Names. They talk about the years of abuse, how Shari cheated death more times than a cat has lives, and how she has successfully left that behind to publish this book and make a difference in the lives of others. Shari also shares her experiences in using a team of people to help her bring this book to life.

Homeless twice before the age of 19, Shari lived a life sprinkled with extraordinary events and unbelievable circumstances. After trying to commit suicide at 18, she had a dream to help ordinary people that were suffering so that nobody ever had to feel alone. Pre-pandemic 2020, Shari hung up her hat as a highly sought-after sales expert and dedicated her life to fulfilling her dreams. She has coached hundreds of people over the past eight years and is an award-winning breakthrough life coach and emotional healing facilitator, and the founder of Bridges2Bravery. Shari has 3 grown children, a beloved Australian Shepherd, and lives with her husband surrounded by nature.

Get your copy of the book this week only for $.99 on Amazon.

S2-EP118 Introduction To The Authority Gang

S2-EP118 Introduction To The Authority Gang

In October they decided to become the Authority Gang and over the next year, they have dedicated themselves to become a force to be reckoned with as they teach, train, and support entrepreneurs in the seven key business building blocks: Authority Marketing, Sales, Communication, Networking, Social Media, Promotion, and Leadership. You will be seeing the four of them all over social media and once a month featured here on the podcast.