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In the second part of this two-part series, Ryan and Kim talk about how to grow your business intentionally and successfully. In this episode, they cover why you need to grow yourself to grow your company and figuring successful habits, and what are the essential tasks to do in a day.

Ryan is a High-Performance Coach, Author, and Speaker who guides people to reach their full potential in their lives, businesses, and teams through my proven method of intentional growth.

As a former ESPN Academic All-American, he decided to channel his competitiveness from baseball to business by founding a startup company in Silicon Valley. After a few years of iterations and modest growth, he became a statistic when he had to shut down the company.

As he reflected on that experience, he realized that in the same way he developed himself as an athlete–to be a high performer on the baseball field, he must apply that same method to become a high performer in business. Unfortunately, it took a failed business to figure that out. From that experience, he developed a formula for growth called the Intentional Growth Model™️.

Around that same time, He was asked to be a founding team member of a tech startup company again. He applied all that he learned from my previous experience to help make this company a success. Over 7 years, they intentionally built the company from just an idea into a successful, venture-backed brand with Fortune 500 clients.

Taking what he learned about high-performance intentional growth, he wrote a book based upon the growth formula and now gets to coach people on how to reach their full potential to teams, businesses, and people across the Country.

S2-EP118 Introduction To The Authority Gang

S2-EP118 Introduction To The Authority Gang

In October they decided to become the Authority Gang and over the next year, they have dedicated themselves to become a force to be reckoned with as they teach, train, and support entrepreneurs in the seven key business building blocks: Authority Marketing, Sales, Communication, Networking, Social Media, Promotion, and Leadership. You will be seeing the four of them all over social media and once a month featured here on the podcast.