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Claudine joins Kim to discuss the current situation for entrepreneurs in 2020 with Covid and how you can change your 2021 so that it is your best year ever!!! Two of the best things you can do is to continue to shine and create an action plan to move forward.

Claudine offers a solution-based business coaching experience unique to each client with a clear vision, strategies, and action steps. Her corporate career, spanning two decades as a team leader in collections and disaster recovery for a large financial institution, set up her problem-solving mindset. Her ability to identify and resolve problems was recognized because of her innate people skills that she employed to smooth the process. She is a natural investigator, digging deep to find issues and solutions.

Disaster recovery is the mindset she used to help clients navigate the difficult entrepreneur climate throughout 2020. She stretched her coaching muscles to guide over 90% of her clients to shift and find success in a new way of doing business. She diligently researches industry needs to offer individual coaching based on the client. Her background also provides a curiosity to follow economic trends she can impart to assist clients in decision-making.

She understands the value of self-care and continued learning to show up the best for her clients. She is mentored by a coach and is an active participant in a local mastermind and Robin Sharma mastery programs. She devotes time to her personal goals around health and fitness. And finds many analogies from her competitive dance career to coach entrepreneurs through their milestones.

She empowers clients to believe in their abilities, focusing on strengths and finding supports to elevate them in areas of weakness. Her corporate background is softened with an approach that breathes belief into entrepreneurs when they just can’t find it. She also works with a generous heart, giving back to her community. She still teaches at George Brown College, where she received her Life Coaching certificate. And she is actively involved in initiatives for the homeless and marginalized members of her Toronto community.

S2-EP118 Introduction To The Authority Gang

S2-EP118 Introduction To The Authority Gang

In October they decided to become the Authority Gang and over the next year, they have dedicated themselves to become a force to be reckoned with as they teach, train, and support entrepreneurs in the seven key business building blocks: Authority Marketing, Sales, Communication, Networking, Social Media, Promotion, and Leadership. You will be seeing the four of them all over social media and once a month featured here on the podcast.