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Nick joins Kim to share how he as an introvert has been able to build a successful business. He shares his own struggles and how he overcame them and how other introverts can too. Part of that journey has been writing his first book An Introvert’s Guide To World Domination.

Nick’s Bio
I grew up being misunderstood, crushed under the weight of being shy and introverted.  At the time it was a major handicap for me. I wanted more than anything to break out, to have a better life, a different life…a different story.
I failed too many times to count.  Nothing worked. 

I heard that you can expect to be about the same as the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I wanted to level up and live the life of my choosing with access to the people and opportunities that can have an impact.

But I spent most of my time alone.  How do you go about finding these 5 people?

I tried all of the traditional networking and found out quickly the traditional approach does not work for introverts.

It actually seems to work against you.

So after a lot of trial and error. After a lot of observation.  After a lot of failing, I finally found a way to network at the highest levels while using my introversion as an advantage.  I learned how to be seen, remembered, included, consulted and invited while still being true to my introvert nature. (And I still spend a lot of time alone, but by choice now)  

It has been a great life since then.

If you have wanted to break out and have more and better options for your life, I would like to show you how to do it.

Let me show you a BETTER way, a way that works for people like us.