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Tina joins Kim on the podcast and shares how to let go of the mediocre in your life and embrace greatness as a way of life.

Tina Guimar is a life transformation coach who helps women handle change with grace and balance. Her focus is to help her clients realize their true potential, live life to the fullest, and trust their journey. She encourages them to gain clarity on their passions, interests, values, core beliefs and strengths. She guides her clients to work smarter not harder by creating efficiencies, which allows for true time freedom.

Prior to her new journey, Tina was in the accounting industry and holds her Masters in Business Administration. In recent years, Tina experienced much change in her personal and professional life after a tragic house fire and other major events following. She was climbing the corporate ladder until she realized her heart was not in it anymore. After transforming her own life she found her passion lies in helping others Unleash Their Greatest Potential & Create Extraordinary Results in their life.