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Karen joins Kim to talk about the power of self-confidence in not only your career but life as well. Karen will also share some powerful tips on how to build your self-confidence.

Karen J. Hewitt is author of Employee Confidence – the new rules of Engagement, shortlisted in the Leadership category of the Business Book Awards 2019.  She teaches corporate professionals to fast track their confidence to get the results they need and advises organizations on how to create cultures where employee confidence thrives, with a positive impact on engagement, performance, and well-being. 

Karen has been working in the field of behavioral and cultural change for the past ten years, and has developed her own model for Employee Confidence, based on her experience working with others during the course of her corporate work, her own personal journey and interviews with other successful women.  She has proven credentials in creating leadership movements within organizations and brings a unique global and cultural perspective to this work, having operated across borders and cultures for more than 25 years, and obtained fluency in five languages.

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