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Diana George joins Kim to celebrate the release of her first book, Anatomy of Accomplishment: Your Guide To Bigger, Better, Bolder Business Results on Amazon. She talks about her chapter on how to create a great company culture, where both employees and employers benefit and shares valuable hints and tips.

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As the founder and president of By George HR Solutions, Diana George brings with her a wealth of experience. Landing in HR after many years of Management Consulting with small business owners, Diana found a common thread with most of her clients; the ability to hire employees that fit their company culture.

Diana constantly found herself hiring new staff for her clients as a first step. She was prepared for this with her prior work experience with BOSE speakers and credits their HR department for preparing her for what would eventually be her new career. 

Diana has worked with global companies such as BOSE and the Swatch Group, specifically their luxury brand OMEGA.  With over three decades of experience in a career that has encompassed leadership in retail, non-profit, health and wellness, and the private sector.  Diana learned very early on how to motivate and get the best out of people which she now teaches organization.

Diana consults with organizations when they are ready to hire reliable employees whose values match their company culture, so that they can increase productivity, profitability and improve retention in their workplace.

Diana George