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Tavetta Patterson joins Kim on the podcast to talk about how your book is a tool and how you use it to promote your self and your business.

Tavetta Patterson is a Published Author and Public Speaker. She has 33 years of writing experience. She has written and published 10 magazines. As a result, she was requested to write and produce 13 television program treatments.

Tavetta shares her journey by speaking at conferences; corporate events; college events; youth events; professional leadership events; book club events, grade schools; during podcast interviews; radio interviews and television interviews. She has used her books as tools to help people navigate various phases of life. She has developed classes, online courses, webinars and workshop series based on books.

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S2-EP94 Eliminate, Automate, Delegate & Grow With Claire Whittaker

S2-EP94 Eliminate, Automate, Delegate & Grow With Claire Whittaker

Have you ever wondered why your business is not growing as it should? Maybe it is time to assess your business and eliminate what is not needed, automate what you can, delegate easy-to-do tasks to others so that you can focus on the growth of your business.
Claire Whittaker joins Kim on the show to talk about these four key areas and how to use them to explode your business.