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If you have ever suffered from rejection then this podcast is for you. Emerald Mills joins Kim on the podcast and shares simple tactics that will help you overcome it.

Born in Waukegan, Illinois, Emerald Mills is a business strategist, network coordinator and public health professional with almost two decades’ cumulative experience. Emerald is also the founder and lead facilitator of Diverse Dining, an events/education organization whose mission is “to cultivate courage, compassion and connection through meaningful conversations centered around diverse foods and cultural exploration.” Diverse Dining strives to establish and maintain interpersonal and interprofessional relationships among persons of varying cultural, economic, ethnic, political, racial and social backgrounds. As a philanthropic initiative, Diverse Dining (which Emerald is now involved with full – time) has been prominently featured on Dear MKE, On Milwaukee, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Spectrum 1, Fox 6, VISIT Milwaukee, podcasts and other mediums.