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Marsha Lecour joins Kim to talk about her incredible story on how she dealt with Hepatitis C and shares some wonderful health tips to improve your immune system.

Marsha Lecour is a men’s Health Strategist. She helps men who are in business maintain and sustain their health while running their business. She is also a number one international author, professional speaker, trainer and adventurer. Marsha is the host of the online TV show Listen Up Men that profiles business professionals in the entrepreneurial arena.

Marsha’s superpower is contagious enthusiasm; the key ingredient that her clients use to inspire, influence and impact others. She is a certified success strategist with formal education and experience in Corporate Training, Meditation and Mindfulness Practices, and Health and Wellness.

When Marsha isn’t interviewing entrepreneurs, business owners or professionals on her online television show, supporting men with their health, or volunteering at community events, you can find her at live musical events, working out in the gym, writing another book, or planning her next adventure.

Marsha is not a medical doctor and is only sharing what has worked for her and may not work for you. Always seek medical advice if you are not sure.

S2-EP118 Introduction To The Authority Gang

S2-EP118 Introduction To The Authority Gang

In October they decided to become the Authority Gang and over the next year, they have dedicated themselves to become a force to be reckoned with as they teach, train, and support entrepreneurs in the seven key business building blocks: Authority Marketing, Sales, Communication, Networking, Social Media, Promotion, and Leadership. You will be seeing the four of them all over social media and once a month featured here on the podcast.