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One of the most unselfish things you can do in life is to take care of yourself cause when you do, then you can take care of others. Karen joins Kim on the podcast to share simple things you can do to take care of you both mentally and physically.
After years of trying to heal herself through the traditional medical system, Karen started looking into alternative methods of healing. She had suffered for 30 years with severe IBS and debilitating bouts of depression. She was finally able to find the much needed answers to gain control of her physical and mental health, and learn how to feel happy, focused, and radiant! Using her own experience, combined certification as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Mindfulness Coaching, Karen has a wealth of knowledge to share.
As a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Karen works with women over 45, to show them how to nourish their body and their brain, so they can feel more vibrant, have better mental focus and mood, have more confidence, and feel attractive. She starts “hands on” in the kitchen, looking at food and lifestyle, but also works on the mindset to help make things easier to implement.
Normally, Karen runs Wellness Retreats, Return to Food Experiences in her home or yours, and Personalized Coaching. However, currently she’s offering Virtual Personalized Coaching (with a discounted quarantine price!), as well as a Tuesday Facebook Live (on all things wellness) and Friday Zoom Cooking Classes, both at 1pm! Watch for Karen’s Online Course on Emotional Eating coming soon!