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Check out this great interview I did with Trish Springsteen. She works with authors on how to use their books to build their business and she shared many valuable tips. If you are an author, you do not want to miss this episode.

Trish Springsteen is a Creative Business Consultant, a multi-international award-winning mentor, speaker, award-winning international bestselling author, WebTV host; specializing in creative solutions to make it easy for your clients to find you.  Clients work with Trish because they know she can help them have the confidence to make speaking easy to increase, sales, and clients. Trish is Australia’s Leading Expert in Empowering Introverts typically mentoring introverts, authors, and advocates.

Trish Believes in You until You Believe in Yourself.  From her personal journey, Trish knows how powerful confidence and self-belief can be.

Trish is the author, co-author, contributing author of 16 books.   YouTube

S2-EP94 Eliminate, Automate, Delegate & Grow With Claire Whittaker

S2-EP94 Eliminate, Automate, Delegate & Grow With Claire Whittaker

Have you ever wondered why your business is not growing as it should? Maybe it is time to assess your business and eliminate what is not needed, automate what you can, delegate easy-to-do tasks to others so that you can focus on the growth of your business.
Claire Whittaker joins Kim on the show to talk about these four key areas and how to use them to explode your business.