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Shari joins Kim to talk about her new book My Skeletons Have Names coming out in 2020 and the effect that the past can have on your business.
I am an alternative therapy coach ~ Resilience Warrior™, with 25 years under my belt in corporate America as an award-winning, multi-million dollar, Enterprise Sales Leader.

If you have survived extraordinary circumstances, chances are that you have also experienced pain, hurt, and trauma. These experiences can cause you to react in unhealthy ways. These reactions are a natural fear response to protect yourself but may have developed turbulent and negative patterns that are destructive including self-sabotage, addiction, relationship issues, avoidance patterns, lack of control in your behaviors, or general chaos in your life.

It is important to be aware that emotions from difficult experiences have an impact on your emotional and mental health. However, when you decide to focus on self-healing, you can transform your pain and negative patterns, reignite your passion for living. Healing brings abundant joy, a re-connection to your purpose, and a profound sense of inner peace.

My goal is to help people that have survived extraordinary circumstances create a life beyond their wildest dreams! That means embracing your true self, stepping into your purpose, discovering your passion, and being empowered by your desires.

Time is finite and we waste far too much of it stuck in fear, shame, & limiting beliefs. Over time, it is easy to lose your sense of self, your purpose, your passion, and your joy.

If that is you, right now, you are in the right place. I am happy you are here!

I want to help you move forward and guide you as you journey toward freedom, happiness, & everlasting joy. You deserve it.

Who do I help?

• Anyone who recognizes negative or destructive behaviors in their life.
• Those who are experiencing difficult relationship patterns.
• People who need support while working on core issues such as shame, self-loathing, depression, or emotional imbalances.
• Anyone who is currently going through difficult transitions in their lives.
• Men and women who had difficult childhoods that are continuing to impact their daily interactions with the world.
• Anyone who needs encouragement, positive support, and guidance to improve their overall life experience.
• People who want to heal past wounds to find emotional freedom and peace of mind.
• Anyone in career transition or wanting to make a change.

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S2-EP114 My Skeletons Have Names With Shari Lueck

S2-EP114 My Skeletons Have Names With Shari Lueck

Shari Lueck joins Kim on this special day – the launch of her new book My Skeletons Have Names. They talk about the years of abuse, how Shari cheated death more times than a cat has lives, and how she has successfully left that behind to publish this book and make a difference in the lives of others. Shari also shares her experiences in using a team of people to help her bring this book to life.

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