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Stress levels are through the roof as Entrepreneurs learn to balance working from while having their kids 24/7 and being their teachers as well. LaTasha shares ways that you can alleviate that stress and still get work done at the same time.

Tasha Cooper is an advocate for the voiceless.  Upon obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she started helping first-generation college-bound students get into college by serving as admissions counselor for several Universities and Community Organizations.  It was her belief that education was the equalizer and was what would give back a person’s voice in the world.  She later came to understand that children who suffer from learning difficulties or mental health challenges are often gifted in their own ways but lack the voice to share their talents.  As a result, she dedicated herself to the field of special education as a School Psychologist.

Tasha Cooper is married to Dr. Len Cooper who started his career as an educator as well.  They both shared a common crusade to help those that could be considered the “unexpected winner”.  Along with her husband, Tasha Cooper helps to run a business that pays out north of $300,000 every month.  Her goal is to help 10X that number by 2025.

EP 189 – How To Create Your First Digital Product With Samantha King Pt 2

EP 189 – How To Create Your First Digital Product With Samantha King Pt 2

In today’s episode, Samantha King from The Authority Tribe joins Kim for part 2 about creating that first digital product for your business and how to do it. This is a recording of a Facebook live they did together.
Samantha King
Fempire Builders founder and CEO, Samantha King, has balanced multiple roles and careers in her life – and succeeded in every single one. Her ability to see and encourage the potential in others has led to the success of Fempire Builders.
Now Samantha’s aim is to motivate and plant the seeds of success in other female entrepreneurs across Canada!
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