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Claudia shares her story of going from a burnout full-time mom, caregiver, driver and counsellor of an extremely autistic teenager to an unstoppable Mom who does all those things and is an entrepreneur and marathon runner on top of that.
Claudia Taboada has a B. Sc. in Biochemistry and an LL.B. in Common Law from the University of Ottawa. She is a former labor and employment attorney, a disability rights advocate, a health and wellness advocate, an author, an entrepreneur, a women’s empowerment coach and motivational speaker, living in Montréal. Claudia’s most precious and important role is that of being a devoted mom to her two sons Nico and Alex. Nico has autism and for close to 9 years Claudia was his full-time caregiver. 
Claudia recently published a memoir entitled  ”Burnout to Unstoppable’’ which details her transformational journey from overwhelmed and burned out autism mom to a mom who rediscovered her identity and is going after her dreams with confidence. Claudia accomplished her transformation by incorporating self-care, mindset optimization and stress reduction habits and strategies that enabled her to reclaim her physical, mental and emotional health.   
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