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Benjamin joins Kim on the show to talk about creative writing basics for entrepreneurs and how content done right can make a great impression on a potential client, customer or referral partner.
My name is Benjamin Kepner and I’m the CEO of Global Social Media Marketing and Google For Education Certified Trainer. I graduated from UGA earning a BBA in Marketing, International Business. I have a decade of experience growing millions in global sales with technology, partnership marketing, digital marketing, social media, and Spanish for 80 brands and 80 events in 30 industries. As a multilingual marketer in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish, I am focused on collaborating with globally-minded entrepreneurs and innovative schools to achieve social media marketing, education technology training, and international business expansion goals.  My values rooted in generosity, collaboration, and transparency guide the vision and culture for Global Social Media Marketing to deliver positive results to our clients and partners. Denver community leadership involvement as the Event Manager for Network After Work and Communications Chair of Mile High Young Professionals. I’m passionate about live music, hiking, surfing, food, travel, YouTube, and snowboarding to keep my soul balanced.
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