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Jon joins Kim to share from his vast knowledge of sales and business on how you can pivot during these times and be able to prospect excellently.
In the past nine years, Jon has led a wide range of organizations, from start-up companies to industry leading corporations. In each case, he has used his high energy and relationship building skills to create a culture that Sales thrives in.
Jon attributes his drive, passion and leadership qualities to his background in athletics. Growing up in competitive sports has instilled what teamwork and accountability really means to a company.
In 2019, Jon started his Podcast, Biz Bites with JK and his company JKrony, hoping to give back to the Sales industry what he has learned from it.
Whether you are dealing with leadership challenges, motivational challenges, filling your pipeline or frankly just need a no B.S. opinion on how to scale your sales, Jon will help you find solutions to create your Authentic Approach to winning!
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