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Clint Arthur, “The Celebrity Entrepreneur,” joins Kim on the podcast for the second of a two-part series focusing in on how you can become a Celebrity in the eyes of potential clients and customers. In this episode, Clint shares the secret to making that strong instant connection that makes you seem larger than life and how to use it to build your business.
CLINT ARTHUR is the world’s top expert at creating Celebrity & Expert Positioning with LOCAL TV and HIGH STATUS SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS.
Since 2012 Clint has taught more than 500 Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs how to deploy his proven, repeatable “Magic Messenger Formula for Booking Free TV Appearances” to book themselves on more than 2708+ ABC NBC CBS FOX & CW News & Talk show appearances including Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, Dr. Oz, CNN, etc.
Clint’s meteoric ascent in the Expert Industry earned him Dan Kennedy’s “GKIC Info- Marketer of The Year” award, raving fans including Lisa Sasevich and Mike Koenigs, industry recognition as the top Media Trainer in Hollywood, and he is the All-Time Record for Highest Sales in a GKIC Breakout Session.
Clint’s best-selling books include What They Teach You at the Wharton Business School; The Last Year Of Your Life ; Break Through Your Upper Limits On TV ; 21 Performance Secrets of Donald Trump, and Daddy Loves You.
Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad transformation experiences are the hottest tickets in the expert marketing & personal development spaces, and Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club, his annual Thought-Leader Conference, will feature International Superstar Suzanne Somers as co-host in 2017.
For more information on Clint’s LIVE EVENTS visit www.ClintArthur.TV 
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