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Mike Ganino joins Kim on the show to talk about your core story and how you use it to convey meaningful messages that impact prospects, leads, customers, and clients. Your story is an amazing tool to explain longer concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.
Your spotlight is ready. It’s time to speak up. We each have a message waiting to be shared. It isn’t about scripts, memorization, or worrying about what to do with your hands. It’s about breaking the 4th wall and connecting with the people in your audience.
Imagine being so confident in your unique assets that you create #mikedropmoments every time you speak up. Whether interviews, stages, or media — you have your pick of opportunities—because you’ve developed a captivating personal story. Imagine being able to create a business that allows your truth to resonate and be your differentiator instead of hiding your story power.
If these sound like dream scenarios, it’s not out of reach for you, and our speaker today can help.
Mike Ganino is a storytelling + communication expert. He is an author, the Executive Producer of TEDxCambridge and has been named a top 30 Culture Speaker by Global Guru. He teaches storytelling, presence, and public speaking to some of the biggest names and brands. In addition to his track record as an executive in the hotel, restaurant, retail, and tech industries, Mike’s worked with organizations like the American Marketing Association and Uber.

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