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What a journey it has been. When Kim started the podcast last year, she never thought that she would hit 100 episodes and now here it is.
Kim shares clips from ten of her favourite episodes including:
*The Go-Giver Way To Entrepreneurial Success With Bob Burg
*Perform At Your Best By Getting Rid of Fear With Ram Nayyar
* Selling From The Heart With Larry Levine
*How To Use LinkedIn To Attract Your Target Market With Krystle Dookoo
*Empowering Questions With Carol Boston
*My Skeletons Have Names With Shari Lueck
*Compelling Sales Negotiations With Patrick Tinney
* Get Unstuck & Live a Designed Life With Samantha Buckley-Hugessen
*How To Niche Your Business For Success With Samantha King
*Networking & Connecting The Right Way With Marlene Marco

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