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On today’s Writer’s Workshop episode, Juanita shares great tips on what to do when you are staring at the blank screen and are tempted to let distractions get the better of you.

Juanita Wootton-Radko is an enthusiastic reader, writer, and collector of books. When not at the library, she can often be found lurking about “used book” stores. Her lifelong passion for words has led to an equal passion for the structure of language and the grammatical tools we use to communicate.

Juanita works at RTI Publishing as the Book Project Manager and resident “Grammar Guru”. She is the recurring co-host on the Author to Authority Podcast with Kim Thompson-Pinder and hosts the Writer’s Workshop episodes.

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What One Thing?

What One Thing?

Every year, I start out with this humongous goal for my business and all the things that I am going to accomplish. By January 10th, I have already given up on most of them. Why? I never create a doable game plan that I can accomplish every day. I was talking to a good...