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Are you tired of trying to build your business the hard way? Do you watch with a twinge of the green-eyed monster as other entrepreneurs have business flooding in with seemingly little effort? Do you wonder if there is some secret formula that they know, and you don’t?

What if I told you that it is not a secret? They know that to get clients easily, all they have to do is be visible to their target market, with the right positioning and message. In other words, they became an Authority in their niche. The great thing is you can too!

Imagine what your business will be like when you have a considerable sized clientele filled with people who know, like & trust you with repeat business and bring you hot referrals on a regular basis.

Think of how easy it will be when people find you online and contact you to work with them. This is what happens in time, when you position yourself as the Authority in the six key areas and use the tool that gets you there faster…  YOUR SIGNATURE BOOK.

The Six Key Areas of Authority

Marketing & Message

Person to person

Your Network


Social Media


Grow your Business Faster

Watch Kim as she explains the Author To Authority concept and how you can see your business grow faster than you thought possible.

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I crossed paths with Ms. Kim through a well-respected colleague…who sung her praises to me…and now we sing together in harmony the same song …“We love Kim…her writing makes us win!”Kim is super easy to work with and she magically takes my spoken words and makes them sparkle on the page…so that I may shine on and off the stage!Kim…thank you for being my hidden gem…my life is much easier…because of you!

Dr. Ona Brown

The Dream Queen/The Message Midwife